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Evidence of Global Temperature Rise

We talk every day of Global warming is Climate changes, but what are the evidence of these phenomena?

Before talking about it, however, let's define it very much simple is synthetic these two concepts that are often confused with each other.

-Global warming: reference is made toincrease of the average surface temperature of the earth.

-Climate changes: We can define them like the "effects collateral”Of global warming.

According to Dynamic Glossary ISPRA-CATAP, for "climate changes"means any change in climate attributed directly or indirectly to human activities, which alters the composition of the world atmosphere and adds to the natural variability of the climate observed over comparable periods of time.

The current warming trend is highly likely (95%) to be the result ofhuman activity starting from the 20th century.

Technological advances have made it possible to collect all kinds of data on our planet is about its climate. These data crops allowed to create a switchboard assessment for scientists, who have been able to ascertain climate change.

In this article we will address the first major test of climate change: theglobal temperature rise.

This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores (they are semicircular sections of ice) and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that CO 2 atmospheric has increased since the industrial revolution. (Credit: Luthi, D., et al. 2008; Etheridge, DM, et al. 2010; Vostok ice core data / JR Petit et al.; NOAA Mauna Loa CO 2 record.) 


Since the end of nineteenth century, the average surface temperature of the planet increased by 1.14 degrees Celsius. 

In the last 40 years there has been an increase never recorded, registering i 6 warmer years ever since 2014!

Let's take a visual look at this data.

The graph above illustrates the change in global surface temperature.

We can understand that dThe nine of the warmest 20 years have all occurred since 2001, with the exception of 1998.

The year hotter never recorded is 2016. (source: NASA / GISS)

Now, instead, we can take a look at this heat map which shows us the anomalies of the global surface temperature from 1880 to 2019.


NASA Scientific Visualization Studio. Data provided by Robert B. Schmunk (NASA / GSFC GISS).

In this short article we got to see one of the many proofs of global warming, using data from studies provided by NASA.

In the next article we will tackle another scientific proof on one of the greatest problems of the 19th century.



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