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    Let's make your purchase more helpful possible for the planet. We are committed to planting a tree for each order through!

    But that's not all! 

    We try to take the maximum from every little gesture!

    We plant a tree for each subscription to our Newsletter! 🌳

    You can monitor the impact we are having from the meters on our website home!



    For fight climate change we have 2 types of solutions, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions or we can capture CO2 already released into the atmosphere. For many years the focus has rightly been on reduction of the emissions. There capture of carbon (and in particular reforestation) is part of the solutions deemed essential by the COP21 agreement in Paris to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 ° C above pre-industrial levels. Trees absorb CO2, storing Carbon (C) and expelling oxygen (O2).

    About 17% of climate change is caused by the loss of trees, an impact on global greenhouse gas emissions that is greater than the entire transport sector. Therefore planting trees is essential for our planet.



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