Who we are

Where does Bubblenerd come from?
The union of two words Bubble + Nerd . Nothing particular so far, but let's go to analyze how we understood the union of these two words!
- Bubble stands for bubble, and represents ourselves , our way of being, everyone has the bubble and decides what to do get out and what not from it!
- Nerd instead has a meaning particular , corresponds to the acronym " no one evil really die ", no demon never dies! This is where Bubblenerd is born, but what do these two words mean together?

Our creativity and our emotions are stopped by ourselves, we adapt to situations and block what we really want exteriorise . And here we have considered our emotions as a demon and ourselves as a bubble holding it caged !
We want free that daemon from "bubble" that is in each of us!
Out of the bubble is our motto, but for us it means much more. < br> Out of the bubble is a way of life. Get out of your bubble to overcome a limit, a limit that we set ourselves or that is imposed on us.


For us the why is worth more than thousands of what and how .

WHY : Bringing the world's highest technology to the clothing of people like you and us and making a useful impact for the planet.

VISION: Changing the way we see clothing will no longer be a simple object, but an object with a high technological value that you are fond of. To make people aware that small gestures can be useful for the planet.

Will it take time and continuous development for this to happen? Absolutely yes, we are in continuous experimentation and we test relentlessly.

sustainability is at the center of our project for this reason we are concentrating on giving value emotional to our clothing thanks to augmented reality .

Why? Because a garment you are fond of is unlikely to throw away.

Our clothing items give you something unique by combining augmented reality, great quality and comfort; precisely for this reason it is very easy to become attached !

For us sustainability also means buying less, but of quality.

Buy only if you really need < / strong> of an item of clothing that will last you over time and give you a emotional.


"To all the misfits, to the insane,
to those who always believe in it,
to those who think outside the box.
You can laugh at them,
you can point your finger,
but if there's one thing you can't do it's change things the way they do. "

Think outside your bubble .